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Abrazi Wedding Jewelry

Bridal jewelry and veils for the modern and classic bride, and accessories for the groom. Designed in the Netherlands, crafted in Italy, made to last until way after your wedding. As finding the perfect accessories for your big day can be quite a challenge, we always offer personalized advice. ✨

About the Brand

Abrazi was founded in the Netherlands back in 2003 by managing partner Arthur Bax. Since laying our foundation in the bridal retail industry more than two decades ago, our jewelry and accessories have been part of the collection of a great number of beautiful bridal boutiques throughout Europe for many years.

Our team consists of a growing number of jewelry experts – ranging from manufacturing to marketing and from retail to online – with an affinity for weddings, brides and grooms. We take pride in being a conventional brand with a traditional and classic style. Though we truly enjoy a modern touch, our wedding niche is one in which tradition, convention and culture are here to stay. Which we love.

We aspire to create – and help brides and grooms find – the accessories they’ve always dreamed of wearing on their wedding day.

Where it’s Made

Abrazi’s collections are designed in the Netherlands and handcrafted in different family-owned ateliers throughout the world, many of them female-owned. We are very proud to produce close to 90% of our collections in Italy, with partners with whom we’ve collaborated closely for over fifteen years. This way of working has made us firm believers in only doing business with suppliers whom we know and trust.

By deliberately choosing production partners close to home, we’re able to minimize carbon emissions linked to long-distance shipping and foster stronger relationships, which we believe contributes to better-quality products.

Bridal jewelry for your wedding day

Collections & Quality

Having evolved over the years, our collection consists of bridal earrings, necklaces, bracelets, clutches, wedding hair accessories, cufflinks, veils, ties and suspender sets, all handmade from premium materials.

To ensure our pieces are of the finest quality for the fairest price, we focus heavily on the materials we use. For our jewelry, we make use of recycled silver and 14kt gold, durable brass, different types of crystals and pearls, and other premium materials to produce our collections. Our jewelry is carefully finished with either a high quality rhodium, 14k gold or rose gold plating, to ensure longevity and long lasting wear.

Our bridal veils and fabric collections are exclusively handmade in Italy from Italian fabrics and Swiss lace, and designed and developed in the Netherlands by designers with over 20 years of experience. In our veils, we incorporate metallic tones such as gold, rose gold and silver, as well as pearls and crystals into the finish of the veils, so brides have the opportunity to perfectly match their veil with their wedding jewelry. The pearls and crystals are always secured on both sides of the veil, so it looks amazing from every angle.

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