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Meet The Abrazi Team

We’re a growing team of jewelry experts –– ranging from manufacturing to marketing and from retail to online –– with an affinity for weddings, brides and grooms. As we’re a small team, we’re the wearers of many hats, but our collective focus is on establishing Abrazi as a brand to be reckoned within Europe and beyond.

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  • Arthur

    Partner & Managing Director

    Arthur is not just our managing director, he’s also Abrazi’s founder and one of its partners – and father of a beautiful little girl. Arthur has been at the helm of the company since it laid its foundation in 2003, and has been combining his interest in the retail industry with his entrepreneurial spirit ever since. His know-how and knowledge of commerce within the bridal industry have brought Abrazi where it is today: a proud partner and supplier of over 800 boutiques, department stores and bridal shops throughout Europe.

  • Jelte

    Partner & Commercial Director

    Jelte has been with Abrazi as a partner since 2009, and has played a key role in developing the company’s collections and building upon Abrazi’s international client portfolio. As commercial director, Jelte is responsible for all aspects of our sales initiatives, strategies and projects, always keeping our customers’ best interest in mind. Others describe Jelte as charismatic and quick-witted, he describes himself as a doer, cheerful, and last but certainly not least: as a proud dad of three amazing girls.

  • Bieke

    Partner & Creative Director

    With a background in communications and reputation management, and an affinity for all things visual, creative director Bieke heads up Abrazi’s small but mighty marketing & content office in Amsterdam. Her first freelance project for Abrazi dates back to early 2018, but she officially joined the company as a partner in 2021, where she and her amazing team are now focussed on establishing Abrazi as a brand to be reckoned with. She lives on a boat, and when she grows up she wants to be a goldsmith.

  • Marlot

    Office & Purchasing Manager

    We know one thing for sure: Abrazi would not be the company it is today without Marlot. We call her our office manager, but in reality she’s our MAE: Manager of Absolutely Everything. She was the first official employee on the Abrazi payroll back in 2010, and has been an integral part of the organization ever since. From technical insights when it comes to making jewelry to placing buying orders, and from gathering inspiration for new collections to booking invoices, she’s always got us covered.

  • Dennis

    Sales Manager

    Having been with the company since 2016, Dennis has played a key role in building and maintaining our client relations over the past few years, setting goals and making absolutely sure to do whatever he can to achieve them. As he loves a versatile work-week, traveling and meeting new people, his role as sales manager truly fits him like a glove. You can always count on Dennis – also proud father of a beautiful girl – for a fast reply, a good (Texan) BBQ or a helpful hand.

  • Resa

    Art Director

    Resa, or Yung Rees as we like to call her, is Abrazi’s queen of photography. Her eye for detail, mood, color, composition and style have earned her the role of Art Director at Abrazi, where she’s also responsible for our Pinterest posts, Spotify playlists and Instagram feed. Ever since she was an intern, her oversized blazer, golden threader earring and bad-ass manicure have been her staple signature look, but she always manages to surprise us when it comes to her creativity.

  • Puck

    Content Marketeer

    Puck joined Abrazi as an intern back in 2020 and almost immediately proved her worth by creating assets like bridal collection brochures, social strategies, a new brand book and video content. As you can imagine, keeping her on was a no-brainer. Today, she’s responsible for our TikTok channel, graphic design output and web content, using her neverending creativity and entrepreneurial mindset to come up with and make all kinds of content. Puck is never not on top of trends. And she loves fishing.

  • Jannie

    Bridal consultant

    With over two decades of experience in the industry, Jannie has a keen eye for detail and a deep passion for bridal fashion. She plays an integral role in curating our fabric collections, ensuring they resonate with brides-to-be. While her sister Rian focuses on the creative aspect, Jannie’s organizational skills allow for a successful collaboration with the Abrazi team, as well as the bridal store Jannie & Rian co-own: New Styling Bridal Fashion in Hilversum.

  • Rian


    Rian, a designer with more than 20 years of experience in bridal fashion, plays an important role in product development at Abrazi. With her entrepreneurial spirit, craftsmanship and creative skills, she creates unique veils & fabric collections that embody the essence of Abrazi. We eagerly look forward to seeing what she has in store for us in the future. Along with her sister Jannie, she owns New Styling Bridal Fashion in Hilversum.

  • Fabienne

    Marketing Intern

    Meet our youngest team member: Fabienne. At 17 years old, she has proven to us that age is just a number and that you can achieve anything if you want to. Fabienne’s creativity, fashion sense and love of jewelry make her a real asset to the marketing team. Whether it’s shooting videos for TikTok, assisting during shoots or wrapping packages for new clients, you can count on her help.

  • Anne

    Bridal stylist & Customer Service

    Let’s take a moment to talk about Anne, the best bridal stylist and our customer service queen! With her dedication and passion for helping customers, her excellent communication skills and ability to think quickly, Anne has earned her place as a valuable member of our team. But the thing we love most about Anne is her constant drive to do the best for our clients. If you have a problem or advice on which jewelry goes with which dress, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team - because Anne is here to help!

  • Bo

    Customer Service

    Bo is truly a dedicated team player, always ready to help where needed. Not only has she assisted us in professionalizing our in-store marketing, but she is also a great addition to our customer service team. With her genuine interest in our customers, her patience, but above all her passion for helping others, Bo has quickly become a valuable asset. Whether it’s finding a lost package, providing advice, or solving problems, Bo is always ready to assist.

  • Stan

    Finance Manager

    Where would we be without Stan you ask..? We’re not exactly sure, but we know it wouldn’t be very far. A valued team member – in business and in pub quizzes – who we count on for random fun facts, interesting statistics and last but not least: our finances.

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